15 Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon

The full moon is now upon us, and its the perfect time to reconnect with yourself, release what is needed to raise your vibrations, and celebrate! It’s also a great opportunity to check in on your intentions and recharge your desires! So let’s get started!

What is the Full Moon?

I wanted to start here simply because many people don’t know the difference between the full moon and the new moon. The full moon is simply when we can see more-or-less the ‘full’ moon, where normally all or part of it is in shadow. Alternatively, the new moon is exactly the opposite, being completely in shadow and therefore hidden from the Earth’s view entirely.

Spiritually, the full moon represents release and letting go. It also symbolizes the height of power, as well as the realization and clarity of your desires.

Why should we celebrate the full moon?

Why not?!

Ok. but seriously. The full moon represents a time of release and letting go. This can mean a lot of things to people, maybe letting go of ill intentions, or bad habits, even dreams that are only holding you back, or ideals that no longer serve you. That makes it a particularly important time to add power to your intentions.

Every month on the NEW moon, we should create new intentions for the upcoming month, which means during the full moon we check in with these intentions, to refocus, recharge and re-amplify them (and in the process letting go of what no longer serves us). (Psst – my daily tarot journal is the perfect way to do all of that in one place!)

It’s a time to celebrate how far you’ve come this month, and how much closer you are to realizing your intentions and goals. It’s a great time to reflect and refocus.

How to celebrate the full moon?

I’m glad you asked. There are so many ways to celebrate the full moon, and starting your own tradition is the best way to do it. But don’t rush it. Try a combination of the techniques below the next full moon, a different combination next full moon, and so on until you find a tradition that fits with you, your needs and desires, and your lifestyle. (Want to know when the next full moon is? Sign up below to get access to my freebie vault that includes the 2021 Full Moon Calendar!)

The important thing is to enjoy the process. A tradition should be fun, enlightening, and empowering, not another chore on your to-do list. Don’t be afraid to play around while you celebrate the full moon, it’s not about doing it “right” it’s truly about celebrating yourself. So here are some fun ideas to get you started:

15 ideas to celebrate the Full Moon:

  • Meditate: A guided meditation is the perfect way to feel the full effects of the full moon and release the energy you need. You can read all about my favorite guided mediation here. Or learn the basics of meditation here.
  • Smudge your home: You know I’m a huge proponent of smudging your home and removing negative energy. Since the full moon is about releasing, it’s time to release the negativity and unused intentions! If you need help choosing the right herb for smudging, check out my herb guide!
  • Clean your sacred space: Release the unused crystals (and the dust) from your sacred space and move forward with stronger, more effective intentions.
  • Check-in with your intentions: Speaking of intentions, it’s time to check in with how you are doing. Are you on par with your goals? Are you still heading in the direction you intended to? Do you even want to be headed in that direction? Time to reevaluate, and release when necessary.
  • Self-cleanse: Anytime is a great time to self-cleanse, but the full moon is perfect for releasing your old intentions, and the negativity that is holding you back.
  • Gratitude list: I’m a firm believer in gratitude lists, preferably writing one daily. The full moon is a great opportunity to reflect on what you’ve been thankful for this month, and reevaluate anything that you haven’t been thankful for. In Pursuit of Joy is my ebook for doing exactly this and so much more!
  • Charge your crystals: The full moon is the best way to recharge your crystals, if possible leave them outside under the light of the full moon! (Inside, on window sills with direct moonlight work as well!)
  • Recharge with nature: Speaking of that beautiful moonlight, sitting outside soaking up the moonlight, and reconnecting with nature is an incredible way to recharge your soul! PS: pair with meditation and you are golden!
  • Make moon water: If nothing else, create some moon water. We’ll talk about this soon, but in essence, fill a container with water and any crystals with properties that you may want to reflect in the water. Cap it so nothing gets inside, and leave outside overnight to reflect the moonlight. In the morning you can use it for spells, manifesting desires, drinking, or even watering your plants!
  • Full moon tarot spread: For those who do Tarot, try finding a great Tarot spread for the full moon. Don’t forget, if you don’t read yourself, you can always grab a free tarot reading right here from me, or if you do, snag the Daily Tarot Printable Journal Toolkit!
  • Journaling prompts: Journaling prompts are a great way to get out of your head and see ideas come to life. Sometimes prompts allow you to see things from a new perspective or understand something, even if you didn’t realize you didn’t understand it. I will be talking all about journaling and providing prompts very soon, but for now, my favorite Full Moon prompt is: What sorts of situations, people, ideas, or things has me feeling held back recently, and why?
  • Self-care: Release negativity, release your hair, release the blackheads, whatever you need to let go of physically, mentally, or spiritually – this is the time to do it. Need some help? Check out my holistic self-care guide for ideas and tips!
  • Full moon affirmation: Affirmations are life. But my favorite to say on a full moon is: “I now release what no longer positively serves me and open up to receive my highest good.”. Try putting this on your fridge. Or writing it on your mirror. Or your forehead, whereever it sticks! If you’re in need of a custom affirmation to your life or situation, try an Affirmation Tarot Reading!
  • Yoga: Anytime is a great time for yoga. But the full moon is wonderful for getting in touch and rejuvenate yourself, and connect your mind, body, and soul as one. I LOVE this Full Moon Yoga Flow by Rituals Cosmetics Global.
  • Oracle card: For any oracle readers, pulling an oracle card during the full moon is particularly powerful. Try a question such as “What do I need to release under this full moon?”.

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Hopefully, this list gets you excited, inspired, and brainstorming ways you can create a beautiful and spiritual tradition to celebrate the full moon! I’d love to see what other ideas you do to celebrate, so drop your traditions in the comment box below and share it with the world!

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