11 Ideas for your Lammas Altar

Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is upon us, a time of celebration for the first harvest, that makes it the perfect time for sprucing up your altar or home with bountiful fall décor! Below I’ve compiled a list of fun ideas to freshen up your Lammas Altar space!


1 | CORNUCOPIA: This beautiful cornucopia will make a lovely addition to any altar or decor for First Harvest, small enough to fit anywhere, but large enough to fit some fun colorful goodies to show appreciation to the season!

Why: cornucopias are a symbol of an abundant harvest, perfect for celebrating the First Harvest of the season! The name itself is Latin and means horn of abundance, it actually comes from Greek and Roman times.

2 | CALENDULA: These dried flowers are great for representing the First Harvest as well as bringing its beautiful scent to your altar. Try them sprinkled along with your altar cloth, or filled in a beautiful clear vase to keep them contained.

Why: Calendula is often referred to as “little suns” because of their adorable shape, they also range in color from pale yellow to deep orange, hitting all of the colors that represent First Harvest. They represent thankfulness, joy, and abundance.

3 | FOOD: How you make this offering is up to you, but traditionally as you are harvesting food this time of year, food on your altar or in your decorations is common. However, if you have a problem with bugs, for example, fake food may be a better way to go! I love these Indian corn decorations for a worry-free decor idea!

Why: Corn is the embodiment of the Sun God Lugh, and represents both death and rebirth as it assures both food to be consumed, and seed for future harvests.

4 | SANDALWOOD: This wonderful wood brings a charming earthy scent wherever it burns, leaving both healing and purification in its wake. Learn more about Sandalwood here.

Why: Sandalwood is one of the traditional Lammas correspondence scents, making it a great choice for your altar!

5 | SHIVA LINGAM: Shiva Lingam is a magical stone full of sacred power, this beautiful one is 3″ x 2″, the perfect size for any altar or decor.

Why: This sacred icon stone represents masculine creative power, the markings on the stone represent fertilized feminine creative power to manifest creativity, success, and the harmony of balance in the soul.

6 | CITRINE: This gorgeous crystal sphere is almost 3″ and sits upon a beautiful wood base, a great addition to any home!

Why: Citrine stimulates both mental focus and endurance, it dispels worry and fear by increasing happiness and self-confidence. It is known as the success stone, and is known for abundance and good fortune!

7 | WHEAT: Wheat plays such an important role in the First Harvest, and these beautiful dried stalks are perfect for representing it with 100 stems, and over 15″ each they make a great decoration in a vase or laid out on your altar.

Why: Because of the beautiful meaning and importance behind wheat at First Harvest in representing both death and rebirth, fear, and hope it’s pivotal that wheat is represented in some way at an altar. Whether in stalk form or even in baked bread!

8 | FIRST HARVEST ALTAR CLOTH: This beautiful altar cloth is a great representation of the First Harvest with its gold’s, yellow’s, burgundies, and green’s, and the graphic of a wheat stalk!

Why: Customizing your altar cloth allows you to set new intentions for the coming season, and get into the spirit of the holiday and reflect that energy. It’s important to find a cloth that matches your intentions and energy!

9 | CANDLES: Candles are a must at any altar, why not get into the nearing Autumn spirit with some taper candles in beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and burgundy that celebrate the colors of the upcoming season!

Why: Yellows, oranges, gold, burgundy, and bronze are symbolic of the grain being harvested, and can be used for candle magic as well!

10 | DEMETER STATUE: Demeter is known as the Corn Mother, or Grain Mother, making her the perfect deity to celebrate the First Harvest. This beautiful statue is 12″ tall with handpainted accents!

Why: Deities on an altar represent the spirit in the five elements. They are a great way to show appreciation to the sabbat or season, or your current intentions, so choose wisely!

11 | SUNFLOWERS: These beautiful sunflowers will never wilt and would make a gorgeous backdrop for any altar or home space!

Why: Sunflowers are aptly named to represent the sun, as this time of year they are swiveling their heads in search of the sun! This makes them perfect for representing the sun god, Lugh!

Why other items are you using on your Lammas Altar to welcome the First Harvest?

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