30 Tarot and Journal Questions for Lammas

Tarot can be an extremely effective way of dealing with the transition of seasons. With Lammas or Lughnasadh on the way, we are getting ready to welcome the First Harvest. The First Harvest is on August 1st, marking the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Autumn Equinox, and represents the beginning of harvest season as Summer draws to a close. In pagan religions, this time of year was named after the god Lugh, an Irish warrior, king, craftsman, and savior. This is why this is the perfect time of year to do a Lammas Tarot Spread, or (First Harvest Tarot Spread, Lughnasadh Tarot Spread depending on your name preference)! Not a tarot reader, or interested in getting a reading? Use these questions for Lammas to explore yourself in your journal!

Tarot and Lammas

The First Harvest is about fear of what the future may hold but also hope for it as well. It’s the season of balancing, ripening, and harvesting. This season is about opening yourself to the sun, cultivate what you’ve been working on, and allowing all you’ve done to ripen.

This is a great time of year to confront our hopes and fears, seek internally, and understand our shadows so we can cultivate more.

I don’t currently offer a Lammas/Lughnasadh tarot reading, however, I do have Fresh Start, which is a great reading for any time of year – click here to learn all about it and find out if it’s right for you! If you decide to do a reading for yourself, don’t forget to pick up a Tarot Journal to record the reading!

30 Questions for Lammas

  1. Where am I currently in my life?
  2. What am I harvesting now?
  3. What am I harvesting this year?
  4. What have I been cultivating?
  5. What should I focus on transforming in myself for the remainder of the year?
  6. What can I share from this harvest?
  7. What needs to be removed to make the most from this harvest?
  8. What do I fear stands in my way?
  9. What can I do to resolve my current fears?
  10. What in my life should I continue to nurture?
  11. What are the fruits of my labor?
  12. Where can I harvest magic?
  13. What events ar currently influencing me the most?
  14. How can I balance my fears and my hopes?
  15. How can I harvest hope?
  16. What should I focus on this season?
  17. Where will I see changes and shifts this harvest season?
  18. Where can I sow love for the remainder of the year?
  19. Where in my life can I harvest comfort or safety?
  20. What is something I can be thankful for?
  21. What is preventing growth?
  22. How can I inspire new growth?
  23. What relationship in my life needs attention?
  24. What have I reaped this year?
  25. Where will I succeed and prosper?
  26. What message does my spirit guide want me to know?
  27. What do I need to sacrifice?
  28. How can I best approach my goals?
  29. What grounds me?
  30. What lies at the core of this harvest?

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