How to Write A Letter to the Universe (and Make Your Dreams Come True!)

This might sound ridiculous, or it might not. But sometimes I write a letter to the universe. The best part is, It’s not a one-sided conversation! Ok, perhaps the universe isn’t writing back, at least not on pen and paper. But it’s definitely responding. Want to learn more? Read on!

What the heck is a letter to the universe?

A better question is ‘why’. And that’s simple to answer – WHY NOT?! 

Ok, but seriously. Think back to when we talked about the 12 divine laws of the universe, remember those? Remember our good ole friend the Law of Attraction? This is an immutable law of manifesting your dreams, creating reality from your thoughts. 

The process of writing a letter to the universe goes by a lot of different names: sometimes it’s simply a letter to the universe, or a manifestation journal, or scripting most commonly (although a letter is a specific subgenre of this). The name doesn’t much matter, it’s the intent and the dream that does. 

How often do you write letters to the universe

Honestly as often as you want. You could make it a weekly thing you do. It depends on exactly how you write your letter. I find it more empowering to ask for one small thing, give it an appropriate amount of time to manifest before writing the next letter.

How to write a letter to the universe

1 | Collect your materials.

A simple pen and paper will work (nothing fancy required). I wouldn’t recommend writing your letter on a computer and printing it out. There is definitely different energy involved in the transference between your hand and the pen to the paper than between typing on an electronic device and simply printing that out. That said, I know MANY people have great luck doing it virtually, so don’t be discouraged to try it if that medium calls out to you or all that you have available!

You could write it on a napkin, a piece of fancy stationery, a ripped piece of lined paper, a journal, the bottom of your shoe…you get the picture. Once you have your medium, let’s get started!

2 | Ground yourself.

Manifesting emotionally works the opposite of the way you want, we will dive more into this later, but for now, just know that you need to center and calm yourself. Try one of these grounding techniques to get started:

Once you feel yourself breathing evenly, not focused on emotion or self-pity, and calm – it’s time to get to the fun part!

3 | Set intent.

What is the intent behind the letter?

  • Is it a letter of appreciation? – “hey u! Thx for da roof ova my head…!”
  • Is it a letter to describe your ideal life? – “I’m really enjoying the new promotion with the sweet paycheck and the crazy cute boyfriend…!”
  • Is it a request for an upgrade in a specific area? – “I love my new car, the color is on fire!”

Ok, in all seriousness, the intent is the part that matters (not my silly letter examples). So think quickly – what do you want to come out of the letter? Happiness? Love? A new job? A sense of gratitude? A bill paid? Don’t be shy, and don’t be embarrassed. No one ever has to see the letter, it’s between YOU and the UNIVERSE!

If it’s your first time writing a letter to the universe, I’d recommend starting small, and something you’re not emotionally connected to. I’ll explain more later, but let’s say….a bouquet of flowers for your kitchen table!

Before I move onto the next step, it is important to be specific, but it’s more important to be flexible. While you may LOVE Peonies – they may be out of season, and instead, the universe finds a way to get you a bouquet of wildflowers in your favorite color, or a bouquet of chocolate-dipped strawberries (yum). The universe knows what you want, and it knows what you love. Trust the ambiguity of “a bouquet” is enough information for the universe to deliver “a bouquet” of something you will love at the perfect time!

4 | Set a date.

Of course, we’d all love instant gratification – “a bouquet delivered in the next hour”! But let’s be realistic. Even if you called a florist and asked for a bouquet to be delivered – at the earliest it would be the next day, right? You need to give the universe some reasonable time to make this request happen. There are pegs to move, dominos to align so they can fall in the perfect fashion to be able to deliver your request. Now how much time simply depends on your specific request. But using our bouquet example, let’s pull an arbitrary timeline, and say a week!

5 | Make it personal and polite.

Don’t forget the manners your guardians instilled in you! Say please and thank you for everything. This is not the time to skimp. Show true, genuine appreciation for the things in your life and the things you want in your life. Picture how you would feel and react if you were to gain whatever it is you are asking for, and tell the universe about that. Describe that in detail. Let the emotion pour out!

*At this point you are probably wondering why I mentioned back in step one not to choose something you are emotionally invested in. For the sake of writing your first letter, trust me and I will get to that soon!

6| Putting it all together

Write as much or as little as you want. Just be specific in the emotions and reactions that gaining them would give you. The important thing to remember here is to WRITE IN PRESENT TENSE or PAST TENSE.

You want to thank the universe as though it has already provided your request! Your letter is simply a thank you letter understanding that your request is already on its way to you!

Example statements:

  • Thank you for providing me a wonderfully fulfilling career as a video game designer!
  • Thank you for your blessings! Our performance at the Big Stage was flawless! We received a standing ovation and I was approached by multiple agents!
  • Thank you for the kind, loving, and gentle boyfriend you have brought into my life!
  • Thank you for the beautiful home! I love the character and history! It’s perfect for hosting family and friends!

7 | Waiting game

It’s actually not a waiting game in the sense that the moment you complete your letter, you need to basically forget you even wrote it. Read it out loud. Hug it, kiss it, put it to your forehead, burn it, put it in a box, whatever you feel the universe wants you to do, do it, and then walk away and forget it ever happened. (For the record, I personally put it in a box, but I’ll talk about variations in a moment).

Remember what I said about not being emotionally attached to your request in your first letter? This is why. When you are emotionally invested in the request, it’s difficult to not think about it. It’s difficult to not focus on the want, the need, the desire at all times. When this happens the universe does the opposite of what you want. It manifests what you are focusing on (the lack of something) and provides. Oops!

So with your first letter, choose something you aren’t invested in, something that won’t affect you if you don’t get it. That way you can practice the exercise, get used to the activity, and the lack of thinking about it before you dive into more emotionally charged requests.

Variations of the letter to the universe

As I mentioned, personally I put my letter in a box, and every day I take it out and read it as a gratuitous conversation with the universe. But there are other variations of this as well, here are some common ones:

  • After writing, say a prayer to your deity and then burn the letter. Watch with careful gratitude as it burns and don’t leave until it’s entirely gone.
  • After writing, read the letter out loud, then bury it. Some variations even include burying a seed with it so you can water and nurture it daily and literally watch your dream grow.
  • After writing, put it in an envelope, date it the date you set previously, kiss the envelope and then mail it back to yourself!
  • After writing a virtual copy, email it to yourself with a date reminder from a year out.
  • After writing, delete it (virtual), throw it away, put it through the shredder, throw it in the compost!
  • After writing, put it on a bulletin board for you to look at every single day!

Time to get started, there is no time to waste! Grab your choice method and let me know in the comments what you are thanking the universe for!

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