9 Ways to Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Our environment is a pivotal part of our health and wellbeing. Especially during a time of political unrest, communities in pain, and social distancing. Our home environment is more important than ever before. So today I’ll be sharing 9 ideas on how to remove negative energy from your home, and how often to do it! 

Why is it Important to Remove Negative Energy

Your home collects all kinds of things on a daily basis: dust, clutter, things, and energy among them. If you are prone to allergies, an accumulation of dust is only good for triggering said allergies, correct? Your home’s energy works the same way. 

All energy can be positive or negative, and an accumulation of positive energy affects you in a very positive way. While alternatively, an accumulation of negative energy will affect you in a very negative way. This is why it’s important to clear the home of negative energies to help you neutralize your own personal energy. (For the record, it’s also equally important to neutralize the dust and clutter as well, but we can talk about that another time)! 

Your home is a reflection of your inner self and vice-versa. A clear home equates a clear mind and body, and a clear mind and body equate to a clear home. Think of the two as mirrors of each other, whatever one does, the other reflects back based on which is stronger. Negative energy has a very strong pull and can quickly overcome positive energy which is why it’s so easy for our energy to afflicted by our environment. 

How Often Should I Clear the Energy in My Home

Ideally, you should clear your home’s energy daily. This allows you to remove negative energy build-up long before it get begins to affect you. This is especially true of homes with many people living there. The more individuals influencing the home’s energy, the faster the build-up becomes. While with social distancing we may not be affected by external individuals as much right now (co-workers, bosses, jerks who cut us off on the freeway to mention a few), we are being greatly affected by the overall community through news and social media right now. 

Now it is more important than ever to cleanse your home of the energy buildup as often as possible! 

Some would argue that you should deep clean daily, though I disagree. I believe it depends on the whole body health (body, mind, and spirit) of the inhabitants, and just how many inhabitants there are living in the home. I personally do a deep clean weekly (same as my regular cleaning schedule). But your home and family will be different. Try starting with a deep cleaning, followed by a week of easier smaller cleanings daily and see how the energy in the home feels. You may be able to get away with less deep cleanings or may find you need to do them more often to keep up with the energy influx.

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9 Ways to Remove Negative Energy

Now, before you start to worry about what this involves, the truth is – it’s easy! And creating a ritual around the cleansing (especially if you can get the whole family involved) can make it easier, faster, and fun, with the bonus of naturally bringing up the energy in everyone, including the environment! 

So let’s get started, here are 9 ways of clearing negative energies in your home:

1 | Sage Smudging* – Open the windows, move items from corners of rooms into the center and burn sage, smudging around the room in every crevice. Sage has healing and antimicrobial properties that help heal the negative energy. By smudging it around corners and objects you release the negative energy that may be hiding or attaching itself to things. For extra negative homes, or ones with spirits lingering try adding a smudging prayer** to ward them off. This is considered a deep clean!

*For those with allergies, sage sensitivities, or asthma – skip this one! 
**There are scripts on the internet you could use, or simply pray to your higher power (God(s), angel, the universe, etc.) to clear the negativity energy in the home.

2 | Set Intentions – How do you want your home to feel? How do you want yourself to feel in this environment? Setting intentions out loud can help increase the positive energy, overwhelming the negative. This can work well as a daily “prayer” for your home spoken out lout each morning to ward off negative energy from the start. 

3 | Go Natural – Plants have all sorts of healing properties that can absorb or remove negative energy and recycle it into positive energy. Adding plants to every room also increases airflow and can add additional spiritual elements as well. Sage, of course, has antimicrobial elements, while lemon can bring love and success, and bamboo can bring luck and protection. Check out what your favorite plants can bring to your home, just make sure to stay clear of anything negative, or brings on asthma and allergies to inhabitants (or toxic to pets)! A ritual around plants could simply be as you water or mist them you say a thank you for their protection and healing and show your gratitude daily!

4 | Clutter-Free – Clutter has a way of gathering negative energy (and dust), as it sits unused for a while. Sometimes it’s helpful to think of your items as anthropomorphic objects, who get jealous and angry and upset when they are forgotten and unused. These negative emotions of course fuel negative energy so the longer it sits, the more negative it comes. Being more intentional with the items that sit in your home so they don’t sit unused, or simply utilizing your items more often can ward off this negative energy. Clearing the clutter and reducing the number of unused items in your home is a simple way of naturally clearing the negative out. You can follow the Marie Kondo method to keep items that “spark joy” and showing appreciation and gratitude to the items you rid by “thanking” them on their way out. Doing a quick daily clutter check can keep your objects happy and your home negative free (and bonus: also a lot less dusty)! 

5 | Scent-sational – Candles, aromatherapy sprays and humidifiers, oil burners, reed diffusers, and incense are great ways of reducing negativity and making your home smell nice, with the added bonus that it’s super easy and fast! Simply light or spray your choice in each room. With incense, it’s generally recommended to work similar to a sage smudging where you move the smoke around the room into corners and objects. But if not possible, just light one near the center of the room and leave for at least 15 minutes. Besides the obvious scent sage, lemon, peppermint, and rosemary are known for their purifying and energizing properties, while frankincense and African violet have protection properties. Just make sure you choose a scent that aligns with your intentions (purification, protection, energizing, etc.) and you keep a window open for the negative energy to exit through! 

6 | Crystalize – Crystal’s are mother nature’s gift for healthy vibrations. Strategically placed crystals can keep the area negativity free and offer protection and other properties. Amethyst and tourmaline stones are a great way to drive out negativity, selenite on windows protects from negativity caused by neighbors and passersby’s, while fluorite is a great calming stone that can help protect from negative auras as they enter the home. Crystal’s do have natural energy banks that need to be recharged occasionally. Whenever possible put them in the sunshine to recharge, they power up even more on selenite, and under full moons! 

7 | Feelin’ Salty – Himalayan Pink Salt, and Sea Salt have special built-in ability to soak in negativity. They can be used in a variety of ways, including sprinkling on the ground – wait an hour, and then vacuum up. Alternatively, leaving a bowl of salt in corners can soak it up, toss it after a couple of hours to rid the negative energy in the room. Himalayan salt lamps are very easy (and beautiful) ways of soaking in negativity without having to clean or do a ritual. Finally, dissolving salt in water and spraying the air can be an easy and quick ritual each day (pro tip: throw some lemon essential oil in there for a fresh-smelling scent that energizes the room).

8 | Make Some Lemonade – Ok not quite lemonade, but speaking of lemons…lemons are both purifying and energizing. So cut some up and leave the slices in each room for a fresh burst of energy. Alternatively, you could simmer lemon slices in water on the stove and the whole house will smell A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Or of course, spray some lemon essential oil diluted in water around the house each day to revitalize. 

9 | Sound the Alarms – And by alarm, I just mean use noise. Noise carries so much positive and negative energy, so amplifying the right type of noise can make a huge difference in the vibrations of your home. Drums, gongs, bells, singing bowls, clapping, and meditation music are just a few options to purify the negativity in your environment. For this ritual it’s important you start at your front door and move clockwise through your home against the walls until you loop back to the front door and use your choice sound to chase the negative vibrations out of your home! This is a great deep clean alternative to sage smudging if you are allergic or asthmatic! 

And there you go, 9 easy ways you can cleanse your home of negativity every single day. It’s important to reiterate that our environment can influence our emotions, but our emotions influence our environment JUST AS MUCH. If you have cleaned your home and still feel negative, that means the energy is coming from you NOT the home. It’s time to use some of these items on yourself; Epsom salt baths, crystal healing, meditation, yoga, etc. just to name a few. We’ll talk more about cleansing yourself in the future.

For now peace and healing. 

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Do you cleanse your home? What other techniques do you use? 

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