Past Life Tarot Spread Questions

Tarot can be an extremely effective way of communicating with your past life to understand the effects it has on you and heal from it. However, tarot question phrasing is a tricky game to play. Too open or too closed, and your answers can easily be misinterpreted or guide you in the wrong direction.

This is the single reason most tarot readers do spreads or multiple cards to get an answer. By understanding the overall intent behind the session, you can break that intent down into an appropriate and specific set of questions to get to your overall answer.

Tarot and Your Past Life

With the right questions, tarot can tap into your past life memories to understand the origin of your memories and how those connect to current patterns and issues in your life.

But you can also use it to simply get a picture of what your past life looked like; what you did, what skills or gifts you may have had that you could potentially tap into in your current life. This goes far beyond a career or intuitive gift; this could help you make sense of relationships in your life, why you feel a certain way about a time period or location, or help heal a trauma that occurred long ago but affects you today.

22 Tarot Questions to Tap into Your Past Life

Whether you are a tarot reader looking for questions to build your own spread, or someone eager to get started understanding their past life and wants to ask a diviner some questions, this list will help you get started in the right direction!

Some questions come with [insert] section, here you will insert the specific thing you’d like to learn about your past life for example:

  • relationships
  • profession
  • finances
  • your body
  • death
Now, let’s get to the list:
  1. What were my circumstances regarding [insert here] in my past life?
  2. What lessons am I meant to learn from this past life?
  3. Which past life is affecting my current life right now?
  4. Where/when did I live in this past life?
  5. What lesson in my past life did I learn?
  6. What situation/issue in my past life is affecting my present life?
  7. What specific challenge/pattern in my past life is affecting my present life?
  8. What talent/gift did I have in my past life?
  9. How can I reclaim my talent/gifts from my past life today?
  10. Why is my soul pulling me to learn more about this past life?
  11. What was life like for my past life?
  12. Is there a contract/vow from my past life affecting my present life?
  13. What role does my current mother/father/sibling/love/friend play in my past life?
  14. What past life experience/trauma needs to be healed?
  15. What past life emotion is still active in my aura now?
  16. What past life karma must be cleared in my present life?
  17. Why is this past life important to my present life?
  18. How can I heal something from my past life?
  19. What remains unresolved in my past life?
  20. How can I complete this unresolved issue?
  21. What past life experience defines my present life?
  22. How can I let go of my past life to evolve spiritually in my present life?

Ultimately, a tarot reading can be a powerful tool for getting in touch with your past lives and understanding how they still affect you today. You can use this information to heal, grow, and evolve, and maybe even bring a few new skills or gifts into your present-day! Having the right questions is key to open yourself to new insights.

Contact me today for a past life tarot reading, custom to your situation, or if you’re a reader yourself make sure you check out my tarot journal to help you on your journey!

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