11 Ideas For Your Ostara Altar

Ostara is upon us, a time of celebration of spring and dawn, that makes it the perfect time for sprucing up your altar or home with bountiful spring décor! Below I’ve compiled a list of fun ideas to freshen up your Ostara Altar space!


1 | Speckled Eggs: Of course eggs are a must at any Ostara or springtime altar. These gorgeous robins egg blue ones are perfect for any Ostara altar or spring decoration to set the mood and add some beautiful colors and textures to your home.

Why: Eggs represent birth, new beginnings, and new life! A great reminder of what’s happening in the world around you!

2 | Nest: Your lovely eggs need somewhere to rest, and this beautiful moss-covered nest has you covered. A great way to bring nature inside and even better to give back to nature at the end of the season!

Why: A nest represents your home, and can be a great reminder to keep your home well. Consider removing negative energy while doing your spring cleaning this year!

3 | Rabbit Figurine: A rabbit figurine is a fun way to bring personality to your Ostara altar or space. I love this meditating rabbit as it reminds me to take it slowly, meditate and don’t be rash on decisions which is an important reminder during spring as our energy levels amp up.

Why: Rabbits represent fertility and the new life which is a massive part of Springtime. Choosing a rabbit for your altar can be a great way of customizing your altar with your personality, or creating an intention for the coming season.

4 | Table Cloth: I love customizing my altar to the holiday, and this springtime table runner is perfect for Ostara with the colors and rabbits! Altar cloths are used for grounding and protecting the space as well as the items atop it. Remember to clean and cleanse the space prior – here are lots of herbs you can use to match your intention!

Why: Customizing your altar cloth allows you to set new intentions for the coming season, and get into the spirit of the holiday and reflect that energy. It’s important to find a cloth (or in this case a table runner) that matches your intentions and energy!

5 | Candles: Candles are a must at any altar, why not get into the springtime spirit with some fun egg-shaped candles in beautiful pastels that celebrate the colors of the season!

Why: Candles represent fire of course as one of the main elements of nature. They can also be used for candle magic, but remember to use the correct colors and styles!

6 | Flowers: What better way to represent new life, than with potted plants on your altar! These daffodils are perfectly in season and a great way to bring nature to your altar. But if your space is too dark, consider a pack of seeds with the intention to plant later. (Have a bit of a black thumb? No shame in a faux plant to liven up your space).

Why: Flowers represent new life of course, and they can also be used for flower magic. Each flower type and their respective colors have their own meanings. This is a great way to bring specific intention for the upcoming season into your home.

7 | Yin and Yang Zen Garden: This beautiful yin and yang meditation garden doubles as an incense holder as well! A great visual representation of peace, serenity, and light and dark.

Why: Ostara represents the balance between light and dark, and what is a more perfect symbol than yin and yang itself? The incense holder doubles as representation for air in the 5 elements as well.

8 | Bumblebee Sun Catcher: This beautiful stained glass bumblebee is a gorgeous decoration in honor of the majestic creatures that bring us honey and life!

Why: Honey itself represents abundance, and bee’s are the keepers, the creators, the majestic givers of life. Honoring and respecting these beauties is probably the very least we can do.

9 | Crystal Bonsai Tree: This crystal bonsai tree is made up of a pink quartz base, and green aventurine leaves. The stones are perfect for representing the softness of spring, and the shape is perfect for representing the growth of the season.

Why: From love to healing, Pink Quartz is arguably the best stone to keep on your altar at all times. It removes negativity and attracts love at the same time, perfect during this transition season. Green Aventurine is another great transition season stone, it allows us to release attachments, and embrace change, growth, and evolution! Plus, stones represent the earth in the five elements!

10 | Floral Essential Oil Set: Spring is all about flowers, making floral essential oil the perfect way to bring the outside in! I love this floral set that includes Honeysuckle, Sunflower, Lilac and Lilies, Plumeria, Sweet Pea and Magnolia! Use them in a diffuser, on lava stones, blend for some homemade cleansing sprays, or more!

Why: Essential oils represent air in the five elements, they can also be used in spell work, cleansing sprays, and used to trigger effects such as motivation or stress relief.

11 | Mother Nature Statue: I’ve been dying to talk about this statue, I love it so much! I keep mother nature surrounded by plants to show my appreciation. It’s beautiful and tall (16″!) but gorgeous detail. Mother nature, also called Gaia, Goddess of the Earth in Greek Mythology, and Terra in Roman mythology is the perfect encapsulation of Spring for your Ostara Altar or spring home decor!

Why: Deities on an altar represent the spirit in the five elements. They are a great way to show appreciation to the sabbat or season, or your current intentions, so choose wisely!

Why other items are you using on your Ostara Altar to welcome spring?

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