11 Everyday Empath Protection Tools

Being an empath is something you can’t easily explain to someone who isn’t one. We are emotional sponges to those around us. We absorb others’ pain and suffering into our own bodies. The result is painful, exhausting, and often downright miserable. As an empath myself I know firsthand how bad a crowded room can be so I wanted to share 11 everyday items you can use for empath protection to keep you safe, healthy, and sane! Sensitive people rely on empath sheilding to block out the toxic energy to survive.


1| Selenite Towers: Selenite towers are incredible energy conductors. They store up energy from the sun, and in turn, heal the energy around them. Great for removing unwanted energy, or energy that isn’t yours. Keep a tower in your sacred space, or in every room to cast protection.

Alternative: More of a nomad? Try a Selenite Pendant Necklace or Selenite Bangles and take your energy healing device with you on the go!

2 | Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea is widely known (and easy to access) for its calming properties. It is an herbal tea, which means no caffeine and can be drunk at any age, at any time of day. Perfect for empath protection for those who may need some calming any at time. It’s a subtle flavor and can help modulate feelings and emotions. This tea is great tasting, and I LOVE that it is eco-friendly to boot!

Alternative: Not a fan of chamomile? Ashwagandha tea is highly recommended for empath protection, though usually a bit more difficult to find. It’s also a bit harder to pull the flavor from because it a root, not a leaf. But if you’re willing to try, it’s a powerful root chakra clearing tea known for grounding emotions, reducing anxiety and depression, and it has been suggested to be cancer-killing!

3 | Empath Protection Necklace: The Rose Quartz in this necklace is used to encourage unconditional love while purifying and opening the heart to promote love in all forms. Black Tourmaline is a powerful protector against negative energy – perfect for any Empath. It stops lower vibe energy from attaching to you and turns it into positive energy. Finally, Hematite is a negative energy absorber, turning chaos into calmness. Hematite is great for keeping you grounded, protection, and overall calming properties.

Alternative: Not your style? Try this Triple Protection Beaded Necklace with Tourmaline, Pyrite, and Yellow Tigers Eye.

4 | Amethyst Cluster: Amethyst provides spiritual healing, and protection while providing harmony and balance to calm. This gorgeous cluster is great for both decorating and casting protection to your sacred space.

Alternative: More of a nomad life-style? Bring this stone with you, with these Amethyst and Sterling Silver stud earrings!

5 | Vegan Leather Bound Refillable Journal: I’m a huge believer in 2 things: 1. journaling is great for the soul, no matter who you are. 2. You should always buy a journal that speaks to your soul and invites you to write in it. This year I wanted something refillable and stumbled across this gem and I just had to share the goodness with you! But in all seriousness, journaling is a great meditative way to separate the emotions that belong to you, and the ones that belong to others. Seeing it on paper helps you understand why you are feeling the way you are, and see clearly what you should be instead. Think of it as unloading unnecessary emotions, and leaving them in the book so you can continue your life without holding onto the things keeping you down.

Alternative: Not into the leather look? My sister site (ArianaDagan.com) has a few journals to choose from using my own paintings and I can’t help but recommend them!

6 | Lavender Epsom Salt: Epsom salt is a non-negotiable for any sensitive soul- throw it in a foot soak, a bath, use it for exfoliation, mix it into your lotions, use it to clean your face or make a face mask…geeze maybe I should write an article on Epson salt uses! Anyway, you already know all about the calming effects of Epsom salt and how it draws out negativity. But did you know that adding lavender to your Epsom salt has both a sedative and tonic effect, which means it can calm you down and balance your emotions?

Alternative: Not a fan of lavender? No big deal! Pure Epsom salt without any additives is amazing on its own (or allows you to mix in your own choice of oils or herbs)!

7 | Aura Spray: Aura spray is a type of smudging spray, or room spray meant to hold a specific intention. This particular one is an empath shielding kit. The spray is made from frankincense, sage, rosemary, lemon, and cedarwood. This combination wards off evil intent and energy offer protection and grounding and purify both mind and spirit.

Alternative: Not a fan of some of those scents? Try White Sage Smudge Spray or the Healing Crystal Spray Set with four scents!

8 | Headphone Headband: I got one of these babies early last year and it has been a game-changer. I can listen to podcasts all day long (even ones with language inappropriate to young ears) and never have to worry about earphones falling out or working a device to turn up/down/off/on. They are heaven in a bathtub, or doing yoga, or during meditation as well! I got boring gray because that was all they had at the time, but now they have purple, green, blue, and black! Music makes such a difference when you’re an empath, it can remove you from a situation, calm your mind, and help you focus. Just turn on your favorite tunes, podcast, audiobook, or meditation music and zone out!

Alternative: Not a fan of the headband look? My husband got the beanie headphone version for Christmas and loves it so far!

9 | Sage Smudge: A good ole fashioned sage smudging is the best way to clear the energy from a room or home. You can read all about how to remove negative energy here and types of smudging to remove specific things here.

Alternative: Not a fan of sage? That’s fair! Try Rosemary or Juniper for similar effects of sage!

10 | Shungite Pyramid: Shungite is a powerful stone known for its healing properties and energy balancing abilities. Empaths can use this stone to boost energy levels and reduce anxiety and stress. The pyramid shape is a symbol of harmony and integration and can collect unwanted energy, and purify their surroundings.

Alternative: More or a nomad? These gorgeous beaded necklace designs are perfect for men or women!

11 | Chakra Bracelet: Managing our chakras is one of the most important things an empath must do to stay sane. Unbalanced chakras make people physically, mentally, and emotionally unhealthy so healing is vital. This beautiful bracelet features 7 stones for healing the chakras, as well as the hamsa for good luck and protection against the evil eye.

Alternative: Bracelets aren’t your thing? Try this gorgeous handcrafted necklace or simply collecting palm stones.

Hope these everyday items help you on your empath journey! Let me know what tools you use for empath protection below!

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