Introduction to The 12 Laws of the Universe and How They Will Change Your Life

A surprising fact not many are of aware of, is there are 12 laws of the universe, not just the “law of attraction”. And more surprisingly, to be in tune with the universe completely, you must be in tune with ALL of the laws, not just the law of attraction.

These laws affect all aspects of your life: family, career, spiritual, love, and more. Most importantly, they all interact with each other. Ignoring one puts ALL of the laws of the universe at a disadvantage.

So let me start with a brief overview of what the 12 laws are, and check back soon for a more in-depth on each of them and how to use them to your full advantage to align with the universe and shift your world in beautiful ways.

Before I do that though, it’s important to note that there is a discrepancy in how many laws exist. In fact, there are anywhere from 7 to 20 laws of the universe, so your belief may in fact vary. The following 12 are generally accepted as the ‘spiritual laws’ or ‘divine laws’, which leaves room for interpretation and more laws extending beyond the spiritual. Now that you are properly confused, let’s get started!

How to know if you are in alignment

Let me make this one simple: if you are wondering if you are in alignment- then you probably aren’t. That said, more specifically you may feel lost if you are out of alignment. You may feel unclear in your life’s “why” or purpose. You may feel disorganized or unsuccessful in endeavors. You may also feel unlucky, as though things tend to go wrong, no matter how well you planned prior.

Alternatively, if you are in alignment, you will feel the opposite of the above. It’s not to say your life is all sunshine and rainbows, but falls or blows don’t affect you as deeply and are easier to bounce back from. You may feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to the universe and feel a strong sense of clarity to your purpose on this planet at this time. You will generally feel a sense of happiness, peace, excitement, and leave that same imprint of everyone you meet.

What are the 12 Laws of the Universe

1 | LAW OF DIVINE ONENESS – As the name suggests, this law centers around the idea of oneness. In fact, everything (and everyone) in the universe is connected. We are all one. This is often reflected in religions with divine statements such as “God is inside all of us”. In short, our thoughts, actions, emotions, and energy all combine. Your energy becomes your neighbor’s energy, theirs yours, and combined they become the universe’, and so on. This law works directly with the law of correspondence (see below).

Alignment to this law: reflects in greater self-awareness, intentionality in your thoughts and actions each day, and a stronger sense of empathy.

Misalignment to this law: attracted to material objects, lack of empathy for others, centered on selfish thoughts and actions.

2 | LAW OF VIBRATION – All energy in the universe vibrates, traveling in circular motions. This includes the physical world and the ethereal world. Every thought, every action, every emotion has its own vibrational frequency. You choose where to direct those frequencies to reflect your own universe, so choose wisely! By directing the right energies, you open pathways to your dreams. If you are familiar with the law of attraction you can see how these two laws of the universe work hand in hand for success, and how misalignment of the law of vibration directly reflects in the law of attraction not working!

Alignment to this law: internal focus on happiness, enthusiasm, creative energy, and an overall sense of calm reigns.

Misalignment to this law: external focus on material items lacking, and distance from dreams, an overall sense of chaos reigns.

3 | LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE – “As so above, as so below” – you will often hear this associated with the law of correspondence because it essentially sums up the law. Simply stated, our physical world is a reflection of our inner world. If internally we live in chaos, as does our outer world. Alternatively, if we live in calm, as does our outer world. This law directly works in relation to the law of divine oneness. That means, that the physical world is a direct reflection of our collective inner worlds.

Alignment of this law: A positive, calming mindset reflects directly in a positive, calming environment.

Misalignment of this law: A negative, chaotic mindset reflects directly in a negative, chaotic environment.

4 | LAW OF ATTRACTION – The most commonly known law of the universe, the law of attraction boasts the opportunity for “like to attract like”. We already know that everything in the universe is made up of energy (that vibrates in circular patterns!) because the law of vibrations works together with the law of attraction. These vibrating frequencies are naturally magnetized to similar frequencies. Consider a radio: you must tune it to the correct channel to hear the station you want to hear, otherwise you will get static or the wrong station! Likewise, when we tune our frequencies made up of our thoughts, actions, and emotions to the right channel, we create the life we want!

Alignment of this law: High vibrational thoughts that reflect in the life you want.

Misalignment of this law: Low vibrational thoughts that reflect in life you dislike.

5 | LAW OF INSPIRED ACTION – Some call it the muse of the universe, inspired action is exactly how it sounds: an action inspired by our vibrations to get us to where we need to be. For things to actually happen here on the physical plane, we must DO things, IE: actions to accomplish them. If we want to feel full when we feel empty, we must eat to accomplish this. An action inspired by the universe. Ok, silly example but you get the picture. In order for our thoughts and visualizations to become physically manifested, the universe sends us inspired actions that will get us closer to that reality. The keyword here is “inspired”. As though the universe (or muse) itself has taken over you, empowering you to accomplish said task.

Alignment of this law: Intense excitement, enthusiasm, and creativity, ability to inspire others, and breaking out of comfort zones.

Misalignment of this law: Stagnation, lack of enthusiasm, a plateau of productivity, especially toward your dreams.

6 | LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT – Possibly one of the more obvious laws of the universe, for every action we take, there is a consequence. When we think of positive thoughts, we create a positive outcome. When we speak negatively, we manifest negatively. Often this process is referred to as karma. It’s important to note that the effect doesn’t always happen right away, but instead sets forward a series of dominos that may affect you days, months, or even years from now instead. You can see how important it is to ensure you influence the universe in your favor by focusing on positive thoughts, feelings, and actions to tip the “karma” towards positive outcomes.

Alignment of this law: Positive mindset, and excessive gratitude towards the blessings in your life with only excitement for karma’s return.

Misalignment of this law: Negative mindset, extreme jealousy for others as you fall further from your dreams, with great concern for karma’s return.

7 | LAW OF COMPENSATION – Imagine getting paid for every bit of effort you put in. That is what this law states. You will always be compensated for your efforts and contribution – however as much or as little as you put in. What you make in return today is your reward for your past, what you make tomorrow depends on the value of your contribution today. The line “you reap what you sow” describes this. There are always opportunities to outdo yourself and raise your vibrational contributions, and even more, opportunities to lower.

Alignment to this law: Positive, successful mindset seeking opportunities to exceed expectations.

Misalignment to this law: Negative, stagnant mindset, seeking opportunities to do as little as possible to get by.

8 | LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY – The universe is made up of energy. This energy can transmute into whatever it wants to at any given time. And it does. Into whatever the focus on the person closest to it is. Of course, that means if you are thinking negatively, the energy transmutes into such. But the good news is, it can be changed. It can transmute into something new and beautiful with a shift of your focus! We have the ability to change the energy around us at ANY GIVEN TIME. Whoa.

Alignment to this law: Surrounded by positive energy, overall feeling on top of the world, both powerful and humbled.

Misalignment to this law: Surrounded by negative energy, feeling of being stuck, or unlucky at all times.

9 | LAW OF RELATIVITY – Everything in our lives just IS until we compare it to something else. That’s where the law of Relativity comes in. When we compare to something worse, we feel enlightened, empowered. When we compare to something better, we feel weaker, a loss of control. Focusing on the right perspective to ANY situation is key to empowering our energy to bring us more of what we want (and less of what we don’t want)!

Alignment to this law: Ego dissolves, we feel enlightened, empowered to make better decisions, and follow positive perspectives.

Misalignment to this law: Ego grows, we feel weaker and a loss of control in our lives, we find ourselves making bad decisions and succumbing to negative perspectives.

10 | LAW OF POLARITY – The idea of polarity means that everything exists in duality. Good versus bad, up versus down, sun and moon, light and dark. Opposites exist to create harmony and balance in the universe. You can’t have one without the other. So what does that mean exactly for you? Look to the otherwise of the coin. If you are lonely, recognize what being with someone would feel like. Focus on that energy and that becomes your energy. Vice-versa, if you are in a relationship, acknowledging how it would feel to be lonely, helps you stay more grounded and feel more gratitude towards your current situation.

Alignment of this law: Ability to see other perspectives, get out of negative mindsets quickly and strong gratitude towards the universe.

Misalignment of this law: Inability to see other perspectives, stuck on one plane of negativity, jumping from one bad situation to another.

11 | LAW OF RHYTHM – The energy of the universe acts as a pendulum. It swings back and forth as a pattern (or rhythm). This means things can grow, and die and then become reborn, continuing the pendulum of the universe. This cycle applies to every aspect of our world, from spirituality to economics to health. We will find highs and lows and highs again. The key here is to look at the “lows” as warnings or periods of rest and to look at periods of “highs” as peaks and high productivity. Understanding this natural rhythm will allow you to utilize different seasons of your life effectively and allow you to move with the flow instead of against it.

Alignment of this law: Appreciation for seasons of rest and transition, and high productivity during seasons of change or energy.

Misalignment of this law: Working against the natural season or rhythm of life, dragging on periods of rest for too long, or working against your energy.

12 | LAW OF GENDER – Perhaps you have heard of a little something called Yin and Yang? The law of gender (or balance) is the statement of everything has both masculine and feminine properties, it exists as inseparable and contradictory opposites. Yin is the divine feminine; it is space, darkness, potential energy, chaos, and soft. Yang is the divine masculine; it is specific, light, kinetic energy, creative, and hard. While this law is less about balancing the two energies, and more about warning against extremes, it’s a fascinating law about opposites working together rather than apart.

Alignment of this law: You live a balanced life where you respond appropriately to situations, not unnaturally or extreme.

Misalignment of this law: You live an unbalanced life; you may feel extreme anger issues or feel emotionless.

If you’re excited to learn more, stay tuned. I will be going over each of these in-depth to help you fine-tune your vibrations and make the most out of your life!

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